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Harley - Adoption Pending

Harley is an absolutely darling 11-year-old red male Boston Terrier. He is moderately sight impaired, but he is a friendly, cuddly little guy who is looking for his forever home. 

He loves his squeaky ball and snuggling with his foster parents on the couch. He’s a big fan of mealtime and he loves sleeping in his humans’ bed right alongside them.  Harley also mastered the doggie door in no time flat - he’s a smart cookie! He’s doing a pretty good job with the doggie door, but he occasionally has an accident indoors. His foster parents are working with him and incorporating belly bands into their routine when they aren’t able to watch him. 

His front left foot will likely require treatment for arthritis because it appears to have been broken and it healed incorrectly, but his vet recommended we leave it as it is because it is an old injury and he has learned to compensate.

Harley has done really well with the four resident and foster dogs with whom he’s currently sharing space. Cats are an unknown at this time. Given his age and sensory limitations, we recommend a relatively quiet household without very young children. Dog-savvy older kids would probably be a nice match, or an older family might also make him very happy.

Harley is currently near the Austin, TX area and we ask that anyone interested in adopting this sweet little guy be within driving distance of Central Texas. (ABTRR does not ship dogs via air (cargo) or paid ground transport.)   








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