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Meet Gage!

Gage is 4-5 years old and has some special and unique needs. He's the sweetest guy in the world, but he doesn't process verbal commands very quickly and does best with a verbal/hand signal combo. When he doesn’t respond to your verbal command, he's not misbehaving, he just doesn't always compute what you say very quickly. He has Horner's Syndrome, which is typically found in cats, but it occasionally presents in other species. It can cause him to have very ADHD-like behaviors and it affects his ability to know where his body is in space (he does not require any medication for this). He is clumsy at times and doesn't always react to move out of your way as quickly as you would expect. We manage these symptoms with monthly chiropractic adjustments. Maintaining his adjustments monthly is a mandatory requirement for adopting him. It is the only thing that has successfully managed his ADHD behaviors and helps with his proprioception issues (knowing where his body is in space).


Gage also has some separation anxiety. He is crate trained but does not do well in a crate.  When I leave the house, he stays in my bedroom where it smells like me and he can lounge in my bed while I'm gone.  He is piddle pad trained, too, and when I am gone for a long time, he will use them.  


He is amazing with children and really loves them. He loves to go for walks and car rides. He knows how to sit pretty for a treat and loves to play ball. We have been working on his resource guarding of food. He has gotten tons better and does well most of the time. He does ok with most dogs, but he is socially inept and has never learned to play like a normal dog, so he will do best as either an only dog or with another dog that is very beta. I think his social skill deficit stems from his Horner's Syndrome and this is just one of the quirks that makes Gage who he is. He does currently live with 7 other dogs so he has been well socialized. He doesn't always get along with one of my females, but she's a bossy little thing.


Gage is a local-to-Texas adoption only.

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