ABTRR dogs are in search of agility equipment – new or used!

Agility isn’t just for fun, it’s healing too! ABTRR has a major focus on special needs Boston’s, this includes physical and behavioral special needs. Agility training and practice provides a fun way for the dogs to get physical therapy, learn obedience and boosts confidence in low confidence dogs. As such, the dogs of ABTRR are in search of new or used agility equipment to help them on their journey. The ABTRR humans are also willing to DIY, any monetary donations towards this end are appreciated – just make sure to click the “Donate” button on the right of this page and note “Agility” in the PayPal comments section. Here is the specific agility equipment we are looking to obtain and/or build:

Agility Jump

The biggest component here is the ability to adjust the height. We have energetic Boston's who may want to soar over a high bar as well as fragile seniors who would prefer to delicately bounce over the lower levels. Being able to adjust the height also allows us to train properly by starting low and gradually increase height.


Agility Pause Table

The biggest component to the pause table is that it shouldn't be too tall so it can accommodate all of our Bostons. Alternatively, an adjustable pause table would be fantastic!



Agility Tunnel

This should be soft but sturdy with a spring like form so length can be adjusted. This is a real confidence builder, we can't wait to see our Boston's snake their way through the tunnel!



Agility Weave Poles

This is perhaps the most fun agility skill to watch yet one of the most difficult to train! This is helpful for Boston's who are re-learning their dexterity. The key component is for the poles to be appropriately spaced for the size of a typical Boston. It should also be sturdy yet lightweight.


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More ways to help...

There are many fun & unique ways to support the dogs of ABTRR, click here for more!









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